Rodi Pizza Pasta


At "Rodi" You can enjoy...

...starters - made with super fresh ingredients - in a big variety.
Try peppers which go unbelievable well with our daily in wood oven homemade bread or even more refreshing tastes like melon prosciutto.
Salads with freshly harvested ingredients from our garden, the secret sauce or different dressings.
Pasta, Penne, spaghetti or our famous lasagne made according to traditional tuscan recepies.
The person in charge can recommend the classic, traditional Napolitaine or Bolognaise exactly how you would get it in Naples or Bologna! Last but not least also penne with salmon. Covering like this a long list of tastes, ingredients and qualities.

....with more than 15 different pasta dishes we surely can satisfy even the most specialised pasta-gourmet.
With all of our dishes you have the choice for the finishing: Either in the wood oven from where the pasta is served in an earthenware jar topped with in only one minute melted mozzarella. Espacially our pasta with four different cheeses or the penne Triestina is verry yummy with this kind of topping.
But its your choice: For example the spaghetti with seafood or penne al tono are perfect just with grinded parmesan cheese.

Pizza.... dough, pure and proved receipe for all these years.
Daily prepared and flattened in front of your eyes to become one of our 22 different pizzas your choosed.
Thin, crusty base and after preparation it needs only 4 minutes in the only with olive wood fired oven to get its characteristc taste and smell. Starting from the light Margherita with its basil-aromatised tomato sauce topped with Mozzarella till the pizza special you will make a lot of stops in our list of pizzas until you found your preffered one.

...after 4 years we found many fanatic enjoyers of our traditional home made Tiramisou. Many times we even accept orders for delivery.
Also with our Panacotta made from fresh milk cream we melted quite a few hearts.
Also of course you can try our yoghurt accompained by our home made sirup fruits - of course without any preservatives for guaranteed freshness and fruit taste.
Our speciality liquors - lemon, cherry and lime - will top up your meal.